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To me, every day is a celebration of whichever fruits, vegetables, herbs and proteins are currently ripe and ready to be the momentary star of my kitchen. I throw a party for strawberries in mid June and I rally behind apples all autumn long.

I cook, bake and live this way because it's quite fun but also because it's easy. I am a self taught cook and I believe anyone can teach themselves to cook by celebrating the seasons. So my recipes are geared towards all levels. Because you don't need a fancy knife set or an entire evening's work to make yourself an exceptional meal. 

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 Photo by Tina Picz

Photo by Tina Picz

Unique, handmade, miniature cookbooks


If you'd rather cook from the physical pages of a book than from the screen of a blog, the Overseasoned miniature cookbook collection is here for you. 

Each edition in the series contains 8 - 10 original recipes inspired by that particular month's seasonal produce. Get started with seasonal cooking with a bundle of 4 mini cookbooks or a single edition.

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Overseasoned Events

Create memories around glorious food moments


Overseasoned is a full service caterer specializing in creating one of a kind events. Whether you're looking for a raw bar for a 200 person wedding reception or a selection of fruit pies to round out a picnic, our team will work with you to create memories around glorious food moments

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