How to Smash Garlic and the Patriarchy: A Modern Womxn's Field Guide

How to Smash Garlic and the Patriarchy: A Modern Womxn's Field Guide


How to Smash Garlic and the Patriarchy is a collaborative publication between Overseasoned and GRLSQUASH, dreamed up over coffee and a shared mission to shout from the rooftops about all the amazing womxn in the Boston food + beverage scene. How to Smash is filled to the brim with the who, what, when, where (and wear), + why of Boston womxn smashing garlic + the patriarchy. Inside, you’ll find a recipe for Your Very Own Feminist Cake, a jam-packed Day in the Life of the founder of a womxn’s food organization that’ll leave you wondering if she’s found the secret to time travel, a map for where to smash the patriarchy in Boston’s restaurants, shops, and other food-centric spaces, and more. We can’t wait to share this truly smashing publication with you!

5.5'“ x 8.5” / 64 pages / full color

HOW TO SMASH CONTRIBUTORS + FEATURES: Amy Larson, Brienne Allan, Covet, Dahlia Snaiderman, Ella Rinaldo, Elle Dioguardi, Elle Scott, Ellie Tiglao, Emma Ruff, Erin Robertson, Frankie Concepcion, Haley Fortier, Irene Li, Jess Graham, Joanie Walker, Julia Emiliani, Karen Akunowicz, Kelsey Munger, Kit Collins, Kyisha Davenport, Lauren Friel, Leigh Belanger, Liz Sux, Lucia Austria Patrick, Madison Trapkin, Maggie Batista, Nicole Fichera, Paridaez, Practice Space, Rita Tinega, Sam Dolph, Spaceus, Suhayl Ramirez, The Fresh Collective, Tiffany Mallery, Tracy Chang, and We Thieves.

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